Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Go Broncos!

 We planned a party with Dustin's siblings for their Dad for his birthday and retirement. We threw a Broncos Football party, just his thing. We dressed in orange and made shirts for the Grandkids.
 It was a surprise party and boy was he surprised! Lots of family and friends gathered at his house for the celebration. Dustin and his brothers took him out to a sports bar to watch the football game while the girls decorated his house.

Giving Thanks

We enjoyed a big Thanksgiving feast with the Edwards side. i recently changed my hairstyle and cut off about 7 inches. Karli refused to smile for a picture.

 You can see the trust in this picture! Karli loves it when Daddy throws her and spins her.

We also enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner with my Mom and Stepdad the day after Thanksgiving. Of course, I started the day with some black Friday shopping with my Mom and Tiffany.
Noah learned how to play pool with Daddy and cousin Trevor.

Avengers Soccer

 This Fall, Noah played AYSO under 6 soccer. His team was the Avengers. He had a great time with his new friends. There were 7 boys on the team and his coach, Armando, was a high school student that volunteered to coach. Last year Noah didn't get very involved on the field, but this year was very different. He impressed us so much, scoring 3 goals during the season. He was much more aggressive and had us jumping up and down on the sidelines. We always brought our chairs to the games, but we hardly used them. Dustin was standing and yelling directions to Noah and I was walking around the field taking as many pictures as possible. You'd think Noah was David beckham the way we acted.

Karli made a new friend, Dani, another little sister from Noah's team. They played together at every practice and game. It was very convienent and they played together so well.
 Noah's season is over. His tournament was canceled because of rain, but there will still be a pizza party and I will post a picture of him with his trophy.

The Gerry's were here!

Our good friends Aaron and Juliet came to visit in November with their children, Kingston and Kylee.  

 They were only here 3 days and boy, was it a busy 3 days! We ate at their favorite local restaurants, played at the beach, spent the whole day at Disneyland, toured the Long Beach Aquarium, and they still managed to visit with their friends and family nearby.
 Noah loved having his friend Kingston here. This was our first time meeting baby Kylee and she is a little doll. We spent an entire day at Disneyland and the kids had a blast. I was really impressed with the Christmas parade. Karli was in awe, waving at each character, and she loved the "snow" falling on main street.
 Noah had a blast going on all the big kid rides: space mountain, thunder mountain railroad, splash mountain, and star tours. After star tours with Daddy, he said to me, "Mommy, we REALLY went to outer space! Did you see us??" Since then, he has become a star wars junkie, watching all the movies and asking for a lightsaber for Christmas.
Juliet and I also stayed up for the midnight showing of the Twilight movie, which we were afraid we would fall asleep during. After the movie, at 2am, we were running through the parking lot in the poring rain, laughing. We will miss the Gerry's, but a trip is being planned to Washington next July to visit them.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

 Dustin competed in the Carson Triathlon on November 4th on the campus of CSU Dominguez Hills. It was a backwards triathlon with a 5k run, 12 mile bike ride, and 150 meter swim in the campus pool. He finished in 71 minutes, coming in 30th place out of 234 recipients. I was busy running around, taking picture of our 4 friends that also raced. It was very inspiring and now I am thinking about training for a race myself.

Yellow belt test

 Noah passed his test for his yellow belt! We were not allowed to watch the test, but we showed up with balloons afterwards. All the kids were sitting and meditating, eyes closed, while the instructor walked around putting their new belt in front of them. Noah reached out and felt his new belt and could not contain his excitement. He was trying very hard to hide his smile and keep a straight face. Normally, their belts are to be worn in the studio only, but they let him wear his new belt home. He did not want to remove it and continued around the house kicking and punching the air. He cannot wait until the next class when he can wear his new belt again.


We all dressed in costume for Halloween this year. Lucas and Alberto joined us for trick-or-treating. Noah was running from house to house and Karli tried to keep up. Before we were around the 2nd block she asked me if she could fall asleep on Daddy's shoulder. It's always fun to see all our neighbors kids dressed up and Noah was excited to see some friends from kindergarten also.