Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Avengers Soccer

 This Fall, Noah played AYSO under 6 soccer. His team was the Avengers. He had a great time with his new friends. There were 7 boys on the team and his coach, Armando, was a high school student that volunteered to coach. Last year Noah didn't get very involved on the field, but this year was very different. He impressed us so much, scoring 3 goals during the season. He was much more aggressive and had us jumping up and down on the sidelines. We always brought our chairs to the games, but we hardly used them. Dustin was standing and yelling directions to Noah and I was walking around the field taking as many pictures as possible. You'd think Noah was David beckham the way we acted.

Karli made a new friend, Dani, another little sister from Noah's team. They played together at every practice and game. It was very convienent and they played together so well.
 Noah's season is over. His tournament was canceled because of rain, but there will still be a pizza party and I will post a picture of him with his trophy.

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